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Hosted by Kaz and Mwafreeka (seasoned artistes and cultural ambassadors in their own right) , this show promises to awaken our social conscious, to inspire and provoke us into a higher level of awareness pertaining to matters to do with leadership, youth empowerment , entertainment and much more.
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Friday, 31 August 2012


Many years back, they spoke about the rise of the zombies; we imagined brain eating lobotomized individuals who would cause havoc in an otherwise normal society.

Flash forward to 2012, this is it; we are it. We are witnessing the rise of the zombies. We are the zombies.
By way of explanation, zombies are literally the walking dead. The term is often figuratively applied to describe a hypnotized person bereft of consciousness and self-awareness, yet ambulant and able to respond to surrounding stimuli.

And how are we zombies, you may ask?

By virtue of our internet addiction, we are zombies. We are able to move, walk, talk, do everything normal and respond to external stimuli but are held captive by our internet addiction.
Our computers, mobile phones and a myriad of gadgets ensure that the enslavement continues into every waking hour.

Our online relations are more important than our offline relations. How many times have we heard about mothers who play internet video games longer than 36 hours, while their children starve in their plush apartments? Of teenagers who commit suicide because they didn't 'win' their games, of young people, who in following with their gaming heroes actually massacre innocent people in schools and malls? But I digress..

The situation here is not that bad, as in Hollywood bad.
We are talking about a generation of people who, apart from their gadgets which connect them to the world wide web in every way, shape or form.
Don't get it wrong, they go to work, school, attend events and are seen to be normal members of society but take away the internet for a day and the chaos that will ensue will be worse than the Mombasa Chaos (saying a prayer for Kenya).

The internet has a myriad of merits to it, we use it as an information superhighway but on the flip side, with the advent of a plethora of social media platforms, we all seem to be hooked, each to his drug or fix, and we can indulge anywhere, anytime without restraint, or so it seems.
To facilitate the addiction, there are various types of smart phones in the market for as little as Kshs. 2000 (Kabambe 3G). Let the madness begin as this person puts it,
"When im on my phone tweeting or whatever i sometimes forget where I am & get dazed like i jus emerged from a dark room". Things just got real, people!

Now that we have established our zombie-hood, we need to establish how it's all to our disadvantage.
For one, we hardly make a marked contribution in the economy except as consumers. There are no new ideas in the markets and if we think there are, they come from the same old section of people who are not too attached to their gadgets to actually partcipate in society.

Being zombies, we are low-maintenance people, requiring nothing but food, shelter and clothing, a few good times and steady stream of income to keep us going.
We care nothing for our environment, our contribution to society beyond our banal updates is base and even in 2012, our politicians can still dare to promise clean water and food in exchange for our votes! That is a response to our unthinking status. Our leaders can mess with our taxes, our security and our economy in every way, shape or form while our eyes and minds are glued to the TL for the latest game, movie, reality show or piece of gossip.

Arise O ye zombies! Take the power back in your hands and minds! Use the gadgets for enrichment and empowerment. Embolden yourselves and take back your lives and control.

Be the masters of the information superhighway not the slaves and spectators.
Participate actively and proactively, make us proud. Let us be seen as worthy and deserving of taking over the country's leadership in every sector.

O ye zombies, put the gadgets down, let's have wholesome discussions, enriched relationships, emboldened campaigns and empowered networks.

O ye zombies, arise!!

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