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A unique & dynamic show which embraces the artiste as both a  social and cultural ambassador in today's society. THE SPACE also addresses key issues which face the average youth within the contemporary Kenyan setting.

Hosted by Kaz and Mwafreeka (seasoned artistes and cultural ambassadors in their own right) , this show promises to awaken our social conscious, to inspire and provoke us into a higher level of awareness pertaining to matters to do with leadership, youth empowerment , entertainment and much more.
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Thursday, 31 May 2012

This week's guests not only prove why they're one of the hottest Gospel acts in this country, but they also go ahead to wow us with a fantastic performance as they tell us more about their journey and the victorious outcome.

MOG is one of Kenya's most popular musical trio, with super hits such as : "Don't let him go", "Heart breaker" and "Papa God oh!".

    MOG are not only hitmakers but also fierce cultural ambassadors keen on making a difference in their own communities by engaging the youth in positive projects namely ; "Badilisha Mtaa". 

Don't miss out their compelling story on this Saturday's show!


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Your Views on Patriotism (Facebook)

Check out more of your views on our facebook page.

 Ben Jacob Mbari- "avoid bribery and corruption."

 Joseph Keith Nga'nga-"..To elect a person who'll respect the dignity of mankind away from love of self before our country."

 Juju Koshens- "...We must give people opportunities to do something if they're willing to." 

Dan Ouko- "Respect the national flag when it's being lowered and raised, by removing your cap."

 Gulgul Ochil- "Patriotism isn't merely singing the national anthem or reciting the loyalty pledge, it's in our mindset. So let's 'format' our minds and start thinking,eating, drinking and sleeping patriotism." 

Cate Akoya - "Your show killed it today. I'm a poetess and I so loved Sitawa. Bring more of the sort on the show."

 Shyx Reuben- "Show ya jana ilikuwa juuest!" 

 Cynthia Kiza -"..We just can't sit for others to build our country, it's us who know what our country needs , so it's us to build it." 

We appreciate your feedback, keep it coming and let's engage each other for positive change!


Your Views on Yesterday's show!

Some interesting twitter mentions @thespacetv :

@ericotienopoet - "We can enhance our loyalty to our country by sharing our visions, being law abiding and appreciating our nationality".

@bikowesa- Waregeshe Maziwa ya nyayo #loyalty #patriotism 

@Gooner_Kevin- The Spacetv on Ntv....Very inspiring to the youth, big up!

 @njerihunter- Rt @thespacetv- Act honestly and answer boldly #patriotism #thespacetv 

@Gabrieloguda -@mwafreeka- singing the national anthem Hiyo sauti Buda, sitaki kukuchomea picha! 

@mbuguaedwin08- Love the yellow skirt by Kaz @BigBoyFestuZ Patriotism is auditioning for TPF and not emulating Mj but Daudi Kabaka. 

@kenyawebsites- If the black color on our flag reps #blackpeople, where are the white/brown Kenyans left? #thespacetv 

@Elsie_stephens -@karenkazlucas- love the yellow skirt and the show! @kayagoanthony @thespacetv, huwezi kuwa millionaire instantly with the Kenyan salo, never ever! 

@Remboq -Green kwa flag you is for Mpesa 

 Thanks for your feedback and for the Rts (retweets). Let's keep the discussion going right here!


Saturday, 26 May 2012


Today's show will prove to be not only exciting but also provocative as we focus on that ever so sensitive quest to find out what it means to be truly Kenyan.

Back in December 2007 coming on to January 2008, our lives were forever changed by the bloodshed and atrocities we inflicted upon ourselves, as Kenyans, in the name of justice and democracy. The memory is still too fresh and at the back of our minds there's already that unspoken fear; Will it happen again?

Our national anthem is not just a beautiful ,poetic melody- it's a prayer. A prayer for stability, togetherness, love, peace and unity for Kenya and Kenyans from every county, village and 'mtaa'.

Take time this weekend and join us in this provocative discussion to reflect upon what it means to be a Kenyan in this day and age especially as we continue to agitate for a fairer & structured democratic space.

Positive change =  positive ways! 


Wednesday, 23 May 2012


So who killed romance  in the 21st century?

Relationships in the 21st century have definitely evolved. One can even go ahead to say that for every new app developed in the tech world, thaere's a new phrase or rule in relationships to go with it.

Has technology greatly affected romance ?

Think about it. How were dates and courting (and yes it's still a valid phrase ) conducted before cellphones and the great age of the internet?

I know of some youngings, yes- those born after the era of phone booths who dare ask if those 'things' really worked!

Which leaves me to wonder, how else we can recreate the rules of chemistry between a dating couple without all this hullabaloo of dating sites, cellphones and all that getting in the way. 

Welcome to romance, the twenty first century way!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Riro and Jeff

Jeff and Riro started going out as a couple and even decided to move in together. Jeff was an acrobat while Riro was a dancer. The attraction was inevitable since they used to spend a lot of time together.

Now after they had stayed together for almost a year, Jeff decides to take it to the next level, he decides to take Riro home to meet his parents. Riro is so excited, over the moon about this whole storo.

So now they arrange for the weekend Jeff tells his parents he has a surprise for them and he will reveal all in the coming weekend.

The big day comes and now DURAMA!! unfolds, they arrive at Jeff's parents' house. Mlo had been prepared by the way. So they sit down and formalities are passed. Jeff's dad goes on to ask Riro what tribe she is and here is where everything changes.

Riro says shez Jang'o and that's where tables turned for her, the food became tasteless for the dad especially, he immediately changes his expression, loses his appetite. Riro being a Jang'o is no longer welcome at Jeff's father's house. Jeff's dad storms out.

Jeff follows him to find out what the problem is. He asks him   "Airetu aria oothe ucemamagia nao kuu nja, uromire wega undehere Mjaluo?!" 'Of all the ladies you meet and interact with out there you decided to bring me Ajaluo??!'  Speechless, Jeff storms off goes back to the house and asks Riro to come with him.

The leave in a huff the celebration that was to be is no more. Jeff's father later threatens to dis inherit him if he continues seeing this girl from the Luo tribe. From then on the relationship is met with such opposition from Jeff's family especially the father.

A year later they break up .......

If you were Jeff would you break up with your girlfriend because your father threatens to dis inherit you or will you hang on to the relationship and fight the ethnicity?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

This needs to STOP

In The Space, episode two, the show was based on drugs. 

Different youth came on and aired their views on drug abuse and drug trafficking. Our guests, the soulful band Sauti Sol, the extremely flexible Sarakasi dancers, led by Kate Kibugi and DSI dancers also shared their thoughts on drug abuse and the Kenyan youth.

The topic generated a lot of views, both on the show and on the show's twitter (@thespacetv) and Facebook (The Space) pages. One thing was evident was that most of those who commented agreed that there needs to be set laws and guidelines put up so as to curb the drug trafficking and abusing.

In recent years, Kenya has become a hub through which drugs are trafficked. There have been speculations about some of the drug barons leading the trade; the alleged suspects ranging from Member of Parliaments to even "mamluki" (mercenary). Numerous investigations have been 'underway', there have been special exposes on our local TV channels, yet the trade seems to still be part of our society.   

It must be understood though that drugs come in many different forms. There are prescription drugs, which if used against the doctor's orders, may have negative effects on the user. Hard drugs though are what the Kenyan youth are using most, thus the traffickers are taking advantage of this.

Whether you live in the upmarket areas of Lavington, or middle class areas of South B or the lower classes of Korogocho, the problem is still rife. Alcoholic beverages,snort able substances, needles for injection, and many different substances are available to the youth. This needs to stop!

This is not a case of demand and supply, it's a case of  the dealers taking advantage of vulnerable people so as to make money, regardless of the outcome. This, again, needs to STOP! Should we wait for the government? Bullshit! The government may as well be behind this atrocity. We need to do something to stop this, question is what!!!

Thursday, 3 May 2012


According to the Kenya police website Kenya Police

"A drug is any substance legal or illegal; which when administered - orally, or by injecting, snorting, smoking inhaling e.t.c, Stimulates or depresses the C.N.S (Stimulating – increasing the CNS activity); (Depressing – lessening the CNS activity (relaxation)"

James (not his real name) is a pal of mine: we grew up in the same area somewhere in Eastlands in high school he was such a cool dude. He passed on last year and the circumstances behind his death are rather chilling; apparently he had reached a point of drug addiction where you would meet him on the streets and he would actually chase after you. Some days he would disappear from the neighborhood and then resurface days later. Months would go and he suddenly became the estate’s mad man. There is a saying that goes that every market has a mad man well ours had James as the mad man.

One day he was suddenly gone; the story behind his death like said earlier was chilling. He left his home and went on rampage at a neighboring informal settlement he sexually harassed a lady along the streets; she was screaming and the public was on him showering him with stones and anything they could find to discipline this outsider who came to disturb the peace.

And there cut short a guy who had potential but was killed because of influence from drugs……

This prompted some thoughts:

If one day you woke up to find that your friend, Brother or sister is addicted to drugs would you care?
Would you care to find out how it all started?
What would you do?
And if you decide to help them out; How would you go about it?

What would you ask first? Would you incriminate them, stigmatize them? Or would you seek to get to the bottom of it and find out the reason behind their addiction?

Would it be that they are addicted so badly; that they are beyond rehabilitation? Is there such a thing as being beyond rehabilitation? Would rehabilitation help them out?

Or in questioning yourself would you end up blaming yourself for not taking action in time to save the situation?
If one day you woke up to find yourself or your loved one a drug addict what would you do?

Drug abuse has become rampant in our streets, our neighborhoods, our towns, our country. It has even become a common thing to see someone walking with miraa (cannabis) or a plastic bottle of alcohol in hand, and not many seem to be bothered. What can we do to change this? Should we just sit back and let our brothers, sisters, friends die in vain or stand up against this menace? What can we do as the youth?