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A unique & dynamic show which embraces the artiste as both a  social and cultural ambassador in today's society. THE SPACE also addresses key issues which face the average youth within the contemporary Kenyan setting.

Hosted by Kaz and Mwafreeka (seasoned artistes and cultural ambassadors in their own right) , this show promises to awaken our social conscious, to inspire and provoke us into a higher level of awareness pertaining to matters to do with leadership, youth empowerment , entertainment and much more.
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Thursday, 30 August 2012


Rumour has it that the old folk up at the hill of power will not give us room because we are lazy. Too lazy to question, think and act for ourselves and to do so responsibly, thinking everything into the future, from start to finish.

Of course we are quick to refute those claims and insist that we are able, willing and energetic enough to lead this country, to drive it out of the years of poverty and malfunctioning structures.

They could be having a point, given the recent online events with the young people seemingly wanting a short cut to wealth, fame and riches.
The campus divas diving for the rich men and campus hunks being available for the rich women.

Our folks have all along instilled in us a culture of hard work and a valuable work ethic to guide us
in all our prospects (forget our errant politicians).
That having been thrown out of the window, for whatever reason (we can blame many factors)
there seems to be a culture of greed and impatience all geared towards getting rich quickly.
After all we live in an age where our phones and gadgets are smarter than we seemingly are.

There is a sense of haste in society, especially among the young people. We want to be as rich as Bill Gates without putting in any of the hard work or smart work for that matter. We cannot be bothered to muddy our hands or brains in an effort to achieve our goals. We just cannot imagine breaking our backs and working long hours making our dreams come true.

The young college and university men and women, in  an effort to live like their wealthy counterparts who come from well-off families and to flaunt like the superstars on television are now calling upon older and wealthier men and women to be their shortcut to all these material things.
One young woman even went ahead to ask that half of her tuition be paid for by the person with whom she will be gallivanting with!!

Are we so lazy as to not recognize the opportunities that lie around us and the talents and skills that lie within us?
The statistics showcase unemployment as a sore thumb in our country's economy and this is true but given the time, energy and youthfulness we still possess, are we doomed to fail?

The resources spent in advertising flesh for sale on these social media platforms could be used to tap into intrinsic talent and skills, which will improve lives a million-fold even into the future.

Going for the rich men and women provides a drug which one cannot afford, getting hooked, stripped of one's dignity, with the pain numbed by the presence of material gains and a feeling pf being 'special'. We forget that the beautiful ones are not yet born and soon as the flesh for sale gets 'old' the vendor will be tossed to the kerb as the new thing is taken up by the tycoon.

There is a scary lack of imagination in matters professional. Nowadays, prospective employers are checking out one's social media profile without permission to do so. Therefore, should they find a candidate's activities and images to be questionable, they instantly drop that particular candidate's participation in a job interview.

No organization wants to be represented by a shady individual, even if that individual may plead to have changed his or her ways. Society can be harsh like that.
We all have a choice to make, keeping in mind as much as we may forget the mistakes of our youth, the internet does not forget.

Someone somewhere may unearth that tasteless picture of you when you're in the middle of a bid for political office or any other office in this land.
The old folk at the hill of power will use it to lock out your talent and skills out of the team that could make a change in this country. The HR manager could use that nasty picture to end your candidature for that lucrative opportunity.

However, all warnings go unheeded as we quickly gallop for the hasty riches coming to us in all forms of short cuts... Get it while you're young is the motto.

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