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A unique & dynamic show which embraces the artiste as both a  social and cultural ambassador in today's society. THE SPACE also addresses key issues which face the average youth within the contemporary Kenyan setting.

Hosted by Kaz and Mwafreeka (seasoned artistes and cultural ambassadors in their own right) , this show promises to awaken our social conscious, to inspire and provoke us into a higher level of awareness pertaining to matters to do with leadership, youth empowerment , entertainment and much more.
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Tuesday, 31 July 2012



Born ; April 13 1922
Transition : October 14 1999
Brief Biography: First president of Tanzania, previously Tanganyika  from 1964 up until 1985. Fondly referred to as 'Mwalimu Nyerere ', (Teacher Nyerere) his proffesion before becoming an active political leader. He was also known as "Baba wa Taifa' (Father of the Nation). Nyerere is remembered for his passionate socialist vision referred to as "ujamaa',  which led to a financial & economic collapse during his tenure. He was however lauded for instilling a sense of togetherness or nationalism in Tanzania while promoting the importance of culture , both national and international.

Famous Quotes:

Julius Nyerere -Founding father of the republic of Tanzania

" Small nations are like indecently dressed women, they tempt the evil minded", Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.

"The objective of socialism in the United Republic of Tanzania is to build a society in which all members have equal rights and equal opportunities; in which all can live in peace with their neighbours without suffering or imposing injustice, being exploited, or exploiting; and in which all have a gradually increasing basic level of material welfare before any individual lives in luxury." (Julius Nyerere 1968)

Thursday, 26 July 2012


THE SPACE has been exploring opinions & views by the youth on various issues ranging from  socio-political to financial aspects. Many feel helpless in the face of adversity and the economic downturn, yet the youth is the majority. Politicians have failed Kenyans on all levels but they're those who feel obligated to defy defeat and injustice.

How  about some inspiration? We highlight young Kenyans who've taken a step towards change by making their immediate surroundings better.

Boniface Mwangi with his social activist colleagues during the LOVE & PROTEST demonstration at Uhuru park.
Boniface Mwangi is an award winning photojournalist and activist, a TED fellow and founder of the 'Picha Mtaani' an initiative which seeks to create a platform for Kenyans to reconcile through exhibitions and debates.

Mohammed Ali- investigative journalist behind the Jicho Pevu  expose.

Mohammed Ali is famous for the investigative programme 'Jicho Pevu' aired on NTV . He goes to great lengths most of the time under cover, to  investigate human interest pieces revolving around crime, drugs, prostitution and other news stories.

BankSlave -graffiti artiste & CEO of Spray Uzi

 Kevin BankSlave is a graffiti artiste based in Nairobi who studied art for three years before deciding to specialise in graffiti . He uses his work to make a statement about the socio-political environment.

Florence Kamaitha with Wife of Kenyan Prime Minister Ida Odinga
Florence Kamaitha initiated the Maisha Mapya Initiative which is a non partisan active group of young Kenyans who place a premium on public service,social and economic development. 
The ‘No Missing Periods coz of Periods’ project aims to provide sanitary pads to school girls who cannot afford them.

Susan Mboya heads the Zawadi Africa Education Fund which provides scholarships to gifted girls from disadvantaged backgrounds from Africa to pursue higher education in Ivy League Universities in the US.

Susan Mboya- Founder and president of Zawadi Africa Education Fund

Eric is a social and cultural ambassador who's been involved in numerous initiatives geared towards inspiring positive change in the social and democratic space. He's also a playwright who's original musical 'Mo Faya' was showcased at the NewYork Musical Theatre Festival two years ago.

Eric Wainaina - singer/ songwriter and social activist

Friday, 20 July 2012


Time goes so fast when you're having fun! We've finally come to the end of the season finale and the show culminates in a grand way. Starting us off is the dance company; Dance Into Space who will perform a compelling contemporary dance piece.

 Dance Into Space is a part of the Go-Down Arts Centre and they specialize in creating dance pieces which heavily involve dancers of mixed abilities i.e. performers with and without physical disabilities.

Dance- Into- Space dancers in action.

We'll also have part of the XYZ team on board telling us more about what it takes to execute their satirical (and comical) pieces depicting politicians and public figures. Find out who is the voice behind Ocampo, Mwai Kibaki & Bifoli Wafoli's voice impressions.

Representations of Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki and Prime MInister Raila Odinga as puppets by XYZ

Patricia Kihoro will also be at hand to tell us more about her job as radio news anchor at 1fm Kenya; how she started out, the rewards & challenges involved.

Patricia Kihoro: former Tusker Project Fame contestant, Singer & radio news Anchor

Famous for his lyrical prowess, electrifying performances and chart topping hits Juliani, Kenyan gospel artiste, will make a grand appearance at THE SPACE, as he shares his opinions on the culture of Impunity in Kenya. The show will culminate with an explosive performance by Juliani ; look out for those head-banging moves that he's well known for!

Juliani: Kenyan gospel musician, actor and peace ambassador.

 We've made such wonderful connections in the last 13 episodes as we interacted with youths from different parts of Kenya. It would be a shame for it to end here. What has been the impact of THE SPACE in your life & community? Tell us what stood out the most for you.

 We will continue to connect with you through the social media on various social issues. Let's also continue interacting through our blog as we wait to see when the next fabulous season of THE SPACE will take place.

We'd like to appreciate all our partners & sponsors : NTV Kenya for airing this show, MEDEVA , Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion & Constitutional Affairs, the EU; all the artistes who took part in the making of THE SPACE; you're truly grand!

Our energetic studio audience from all over Kenya and above all, YOU. Our audience for watching and supporting this project. Your feedback is highly appreciated as is your time. Shukran!

Thursday, 19 July 2012


The SPACE: Using Art & Artists To Highlight Social Issues

In Kenya today, young people are faced with many challenges and there are very few national platforms that exist, where they can talk about them and share with other young people from different parts of the country. The SPACE is one such platform. The SPACE is a weekly TV show on NTV which premiered on April 28th and so far nine episodes have aired. It is hosted by Singer, Kaz and Hiphop artist/Radio Host, Mwafrika. The show uses art and recognized artists to tackle social issues in an interesting and modern setting.

Mwafrika and Kaz-The SPACE co-hosts.

The show provides a unique platform for young people to tackle issues affecting them. Some of the topics of discussion have been: governance, entrepreneurship, crime, political parties, civic participation, identity, job opportunities, leadership, youth empowerment, the constitution and our system of government.

Each episode features several artists from various art disciplines who perform or display their art, a studio audience of 70 drawn from various parts of the country, a DJ and a new topic of discussion which everyone, including the artists, contributes to.

Kaz, Collo, Mwafrika and Camp Mulla.

The idea to have artists participate in the topic of discussion is ingenious because they serve as conversation stirrers but also since they are role models, the youth are more likely to listen to and believe them. It also doesn’t hurt that the hosts are artists themselves.

The TV show aside, the SPACE is very active online with a blog, YouTube channel and a strong social media presence. They encourage the youth to engage them through these channels which ensures that the conversations they start on the show continue online and hopefully offline as well. This engagement is also rewarded. Every week a lucky person who sends in feedback to a question asked on the show via sms or social media wins a prize.

Overall, the show is good but its opening sequence is a bit long with unnecessary emphasis on the co-hosts. Something shorter and punchier would have been better in my opinion. Also, the graphics could have been a bit more modern.

Poet/Performance Artist : Mike Kwambo

Some of the artists that have featured on it are:

  • Poets: Sitawa Namwalie, Ngwatilo, Dennis Inkwa, Michael Kwambo, Cindy Ogana
  • Musicians: Eric Wainaina , Sauti Sol, Emmy Kosgei, Mejja , Muthoni The Drummer Queen, Nonini, Camp Mulla, Amani
  • Comedians: Eric Omondi, JB.
  • Dance groups: Sarakasi, Outsyders, Sisqo, Yawa Dancers, Titans.

The Space airs on NTV every Saturday 6-7pm. The following are some of the artists that will be featured in the upcoming episodes:

  • Jua Cali
  • Asali
  • Madtraxx
  • Size Eight
  • Juliani
Check out The Space’s photo gallery here & here.
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Sunday, 15 July 2012



Tis day 2 me nkuchop 2 4 xams awaitin 4 me nxt week.op my fellow SPACERS mnagbamba xana
8-4-4 is not efficient in life since its based on exams and many other talents are locked out...we better change it.
An education system should be effective and self sufficient in itself, able to build an all round person.
It should be practical an education system that one can use in the future.Not struggling with some subjects that you will never encounter and apply ...
Very nice show guys 1st time watching it kudos @karenkazlucas @thespacetv
develop an education to best abilities people have.


 Masina Ishma
Its not a matter of 844 coz hata ikichange ikue 7.4.5 ama anything else still syllabus ni the same they shld focus more on how whatever is being taught is practical and is relevant in the future

Musa wa Mussa
I agree if we cn learn frm an early age, what we love and cn contribute towards nation-building... Nt many subjects which we mostly dont apply later in life...

Shadrack Muthini
Its not worthy tuanze na topics zingine ka za mao ama mathematics
1) algebra, sin,tan, logarithim tu ta zitumia wapi
2) in school tunafunzwa other things ka chem na me nafanya mambo na purchasing and suply all that i learned kuhusu chem,physo what wil that do to me and were wil i aply it siƶni.
Its not good 

Romeo Kinyua
Put it this way,wen u aving fun eg watchn a muvi,hautakaagi iishe.hata tym ingeongezwa ingekunyc zaidi.but wen u doing tym in prison u wish hiyo tym iishe fasta<sijawahi skuma example tu>.Lyf ya chuo inaezafeva msee ama imwangushe.wasee most huangusgwa na hiyo lyf thats y huaga na bidii ya kujichuja teketeke.

Obach Toure
8-4-4 ningumu sana wanafa wapunguze ma subject

Lavender Achieng Nyakomaber Lavesh
Size 8 should knw hw my niece who is 5yrs old is a great fan of hers.."she says nkikua mkubwa ntakua size 8"kip up linet

  Your comments are highly appreciated! Thanks for watching THE SPACE!

Friday, 13 July 2012


Size 8: Kenyan musician
We're looking forward to Wilbroda's charming comedy act, Size 8's explosive performance as well as T-S 1's lyrical mash up. They'll share their views on the system of education in Kenya; it's benefits, disadvantages and more. Tune in and let's engage each other on this very important issue.

Jackline Nyaminde: Comedienne and radio personality

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Are Kenyans 'educated' enough?

A few weeks ago, a survey carried out showed that only 1 million Kenyans have degrees, i.e from recognized universities. Does it mean that majority of Kenyans are uneducated? So what happened to approximately 90% of the rest of the population? 

A poet was overheard saying that the A plus student is more likely to be hired by the C stand student, in a business owned by the D minus student.Ironic isn't it?
 More and more, the education system in Kenya is losing value as it's based on exams and the need to prove one's brilliance by getting a 'good' grade; as opposed to preparing students for a more practical eventuality in the real world.

Entrepreneurship is one such practical eventuality. Kenya is now adapting to creativity and innovation in many industries, the biggest beneficiaries being the small scale businesses and the entertainment industry.

Sometime back, a decade ago to be precise, a paying career as an actor, make up artiste, social media or IT consultant was unheard of. In today's environment, these career lines (and other professions) are embraced as viable career options.
Perhaps necessity is really the mother of all inventions. 

The youth lament that there are no jobs and that the government has neglected them- is this because the government has failed to expose them to alternative ways of exploiting their talents?

We explore this issue in this week's episode together with the various systems of education now available to Kenyans.

What's your take on Kenya's education system? Share your thoughts with us right here.

Friday, 6 July 2012


  This week THE SPACE enters into it's eleventh week (Whoa! are we on episode 11 already?) and this will be the first episode where the show will feature not one , not two but three amazing rappers & lyricists! So far, we've featured various poets such as Asali, Ngwatilo, Mike Kwambo & Dennis Inkwa , musicians of diverse genre such as Muthoni The Drummer Queen , Amani, Jua Cali, Eric Wainaina; Comedians : Eric Omondi & JB and quite a number of talented dance crews with pulsating moves such as Sisqo , Sarakasi, Titans , Dashy Crew and many more. 

The Space is truly a platform that embraces diverse culture and expressions!

Take a look at our cultural ambassadors on the upcoming episode:

Meet Octopizzo, a community leader, entrepreneur & a multi- talented young man who grew up in Kibera, Unapologetic for 'getting out of the hood' , cos as he says "Just because tulizaliwa Kibera si lazima tubaki Kibera". (Just because we were born in Kibera, it doesn't mean we have to remain in Kibera.) Kibera is well known as the biggest slum in Nairobi but this has not stopped this ambitious young artiste from dreaming big.
 His slogan," Namba Nane Baibe!" is not just catchy but is derived from the matatu/bus route to Kibera number 8. Kibera holds a special place in Octopizzo's heart & he actively continues to mentor young people who aspire to become as successful as this artiste.

Octopizzo: entrepreneur, community leader & artiste.

Rabbit aka Kaka Sungura is famous for the song 'Hivi-Hivi' and is reputed to be one of the industry's most respected freestyle artistes.

 He’s collaborated with high profile artistes such as Harry Kimani in ‘Dodoma’ . Other artistes who’ve made guest appearances on his debut album 'Tales of Kaka Sungura' include: Abbas, Anto-neosoul, Chiwawa, Zakaa & Oddinary. His lyrics are witty & provocative while his music has earned him a huge following in Kenya and beyond.
We hope to see more of his work in the coming future.

Rabbit: Hip-Hop artiste & designer/entrepreneur.

"Boda Boda" , which refers to a popular means of transport in East Africa, is the song which brought Madtraxx to the limelight in 2007. Since then  this Super producer, DJ and Emcee has gone on to churn out more hits such as "kamares' and most recently, 'make you dance'. Madtraxx is also a part of the Code Red, a popular deejaying unit and recently co-founded the record label "Red Republik". He's definitely going places!

Madtraxx: DJ, producer & emcee.

The topic on focus on tomorrow's show is 'The youth and Leadership'. We delve into why the youth feel disenfranchised as most young Kenyans share a lot of disappointment in the current crop of leaders. The youth would like to see the current regime pass the baton to one of their own for a change. If the youth are the future, then why are we still being led by the youth of the 60's?

After all, who better understands the challenges & aspirations of the youth than our peer?

Catch THE SPACE tomorrow at 6, for more about this discussion.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Jua Cali whose real name is Paul Nunda (born September 12 1979) is a Kenyan rapper who together with Clemo, founded Calif Records almost twelve years ago. His genre is 'genge', and he mostly raps in Kiswahili.
 He has been endorsed by Orange Mobile, Motorola and is one of the artistes under the Safaricom Live project. He's also recorded soundtracks for various productions including the "Pamoja Mtaani",  a video game created by Warner Bros.

His label, Calif Records has nurtured new talent such as Mejja, and Jua Cali has been keen on sharing the platform with upcoming talent whenever he performs.


October 2006: Jua CaliSekta Album
December 2008: Ngeli ya Genge Album

 C.E.O of Spray Uzi Kenya and a graffiti artiste of great repute, at 28, Kevin Bank Slave is considered a trailblazer in Nairobi’s thriving underground graffiti scene. Together with Swift, another talented graffiti artiste, the two have sprayed their way into the conscious of the masses and their provocative work has managed to inspire many into action.
  BankSlave believes in uplifting the youth in Kibera where he grew up and also collaborates with other like minded artistes such as Boniface Mwangi, Swift, Uhuru B & Smokillah. They recently put up a mural on several streets in the city targeting MPs and  depicting our members of parliament as vultures,stealing from Kenyans. They call it the Graffiti Revolution and so far the impact has been incredible. "It takes balls to do this", says Bankslave.

We can only hope that our MPs are watching..