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A unique & dynamic show which embraces the artiste as both a  social and cultural ambassador in today's society. THE SPACE also addresses key issues which face the average youth within the contemporary Kenyan setting.

Hosted by Kaz and Mwafreeka (seasoned artistes and cultural ambassadors in their own right) , this show promises to awaken our social conscious, to inspire and provoke us into a higher level of awareness pertaining to matters to do with leadership, youth empowerment , entertainment and much more.
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Every morning when I step outside my house, all I see is the tears shed by innocent Kenyans. When I set foot to the office, my feet come face to face with the tears shed by the precious Kenyans toiling for their daily bread. Whenever I log into my social media accounts, the updates I see are about the tears shed by Kenyans in other regions far from where I am.

Make no mistake, majority of Kenyans are crying every morning, every day, every night, every hour, week, month, year and have been crying for years.

The cries are laced with pain, anger, hopelessness, optimism. It’s a mixture of emotions and feelings that cannot be explained in prose.
For four successive fighting years, Kenyans have bore the brunt of our politicians’ never ending tussles that have nothing in return for the pain we endure. And even before the worst of all settles, before the wounds can heal, before new grass can sprout on the recent graves, before the tears can dry, another tussle is already on course long even before the fighting ring is declared suitable for the fight.
However, Kenyans are also to blame for the pain meted unto them, the suffering they plunged into, the misery they ever swim in, the hopelessness that always engulfs their living, the abuse they are always subjected to, the ridicule ....

Article by Obed Muindi

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