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A unique & dynamic show which embraces the artiste as both a  social and cultural ambassador in today's society. THE SPACE also addresses key issues which face the average youth within the contemporary Kenyan setting.

Hosted by Kaz and Mwafreeka (seasoned artistes and cultural ambassadors in their own right) , this show promises to awaken our social conscious, to inspire and provoke us into a higher level of awareness pertaining to matters to do with leadership, youth empowerment , entertainment and much more.
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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Every impoverished person dreams of the day they will finally find themselves rich, swimming in CASH, worry free and finally rid of all their problems!

This young man from a poor family residing deep in the village finally gets a chance to go to the big city to chase his dreams and hopefully make it big enough to go back home a hero.

Before leaving, his mother does due diligence and warns him of the dangers lurking in the city with the lascivious ways of the city dwellers.

This is the story of Nairobi Half Life.

The story of a young man coming to the city in pursuit of an acting career, only to be drawn into a life of thuggery in order to survive the harsh economic times.

The struggle is real. Keeping one's focus yet dealing with the temptation of quick cash. It's a gangster's paradise!

The movie premiers on Friday 31st August at Westgate malls at 2.30pm.
Catch the trailer here!!

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