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Thursday, 18 October 2012


 #SONKO has been trending on Twitter for the better part of today. Not for his 'swag' or outrageous costumes but according to his Facebook page, Mike Sonko had 'called' for a conference earlier today at 2 pm to announce his resignation.

Makadara MP Mike Sonko

Sonko is said to have attacked the Attorney General  Prof. Githu Muigai, in defense of his pal, Ferdinand Waititu (he of the 'instant justice' prescription). 

Walk of Shame: Ferdinand Waititu is escorted to court after being arrested for hate speech allegations.

 The Embakassi MP is currently facing hate speech charges over recent inciting remarks that resulted in the death of a security guard, looting and damage of property. Mike Sonko came to Ferdinand's rescue by putting up the Kes 0.6 million cash bail. It would seem that these birds of a feather ,look out for each other.  All the way.

 Of course today's much hyped announcement was just another one of his poorly stage managed shenanigans and as expected (something had to give, it would have been too easy right?), the Sergeant-At-Arms extended his forgiveness. How predictable? On twitter, many questioned this rather sinister move. Here are some of the comments posted: 

 case has been withdrawn. No money changed hands.

Impunity + Money = No Justice! SMH 

MAKADARA MP Mike  off the hook as Sergeant-at-Arms forgives him over assault at . Reports suggest underhand deal.

  Let's keep in mind that even if Sonko had resigned, his many supporters in Makadara would have still followed him and possibly voted him back in at the earliest opportunity. No wonder the Kenyan voter is likened to this infamous beast of burden!

 Kenyan MPs are the greatest actors of all time, and with each lack luster performance, we can only hope that Kenyans will cry foul and stop falling for their tired lines..

  We can only hope.

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